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Our Business Class VOIP products include VoIP PBX, SIP Trunking, and MPLS networks to enable private voice and video services.

VoIP SIP trunks allow you to use your existing SIP compatible equipment and receive local and long distance phone services over the internet.

VoIP PBX is a hosted Internet PBX solution comprised of powerful business class features including a customizable auto-attendant, extension to extension dialing world wide, 3-way conferencing, customizable call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call handling based on caller ID, business-class voicemail, hunt groups, follow-me find me and more.

Take advantage of communication tools that allow you to connect wired, mobile, home phones and Virtual Office extensions, regardless of geographic location, under a single phone number. Auto attendants ensure callers are greeted promptly and professionally while forwarding the incoming caller to phones anywhere. The world becomes your office with VOIP!

An IP PBX or VOIP phone system replaces a traditional PBX or phone system and gives employees an extension number, the ability to conference, transfer and dial other colleagues. All calls are sent via data packets over a data network instead of the traditional phone network. With the use of a VOIP gateway, you can connect existing phone lines to the IP PBX and make and receive phone calls via a regular PSTN line. Companies are switching their traditional phone systems / PBX systems to a VOIP phone system / IP PBX at a staggering rate: IP Telephony equipment sales are increasing each year by more than 50% and are expected to reach $15 billion yearly by end 2007.
  • No need for separate phone wiring – phones use computer network
  • Easier to install & manage via web-based configuration interface
  • A software-based IP PBX is far less expensive then a hardware-based PBX / PABX
  • Employees can move offices without requiring any changes in the wiring or IP PBX configuration
  • Choose from the many SIP based hardware phones instead of getting locked in with one vendor
  • Receive & Make calls via the standard PSTN using VOIP Gateways; Save on call costs using any SIP VOIP service or WAN

  Wholesale Termination and Origination

Through Telcombrokers, 4-VOIP.com offers wholesale rates for carrier to carrier origination and termination over some of the largest intelligent VOIP networks in the world. Our growing list of ISP’s, Cable Providers, CLEC’s, Calling Card companies and ITSP’s utilize the VOIP networks to originate and terminate calls for their customers locally and around the world.

Our providers offer local DID numbers in more than 40 Countries and more than 300 US markets. Domestically we provide access to nearly every rate center with full local origination.

Wholesale VoIP PBX Services

4-VoIP.com offers a completely managed and customizable Wholesale Carrier VoIP solution for you and your customers. VOIP interoperates with existing TDM and VOIP Networks to provide you with a turn-key private label IP PBX solution.

VOIP Wholesale Carrier Services offers industry leading features, carrier grade reliability and scalability, and our architecture and network allows for ultra availability with no single point of failure. Because our architecture is fully distributed and highly modular, our complete suite of products give you a distinct advantage allowing you to focus on what you do best.
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